About Us


Our client relationships are of the highest importance to continued success and we value each client as a future reference for the next project.  Briston Construction, LLC is a certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) under Veteran Affairs guideline that is fully licensed as a general and specialty electrical and mechanical contractor. We focus on providing design-bid-build and design-build construction services throughout the Southwest including, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. Our commitment to customer service oriented construction services has allowed us to grow to over $14 Million in annual revenues over the past year by providing construction services to a variety of federal agencies.   We build to serve those who have already served us!


This key value encompasses honesty, sound moral principals, and sincerity.  Briston is dedicated to developing long lasting relationships built on trust and fairness.  This includes ensuring the integrity of our quality control practices and following the overall principals of hard work and acceptance of responsibility.


Ensuring respectful and accountable interatctions between our employees, vendors, subcontractors, and clients as a whole are paramount to this value.  This starts with solid planning and genuine communication to ensure understanding at all levels, and then successfully delivering to meet the combined goals of each party.  We do this with the highest standards of Safety, Quality, and Production to ensure that we succeed as one.


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